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<strong>Paxil</strong> and Weht <strong>Gain</strong> 24 lbs In 6 to 12 Months? - Mental Health Daily

Paxil and Weht Gain 24 lbs In 6 to 12 Months? - Mental Health Daily I was wondering if anyone who uses this for anxiety purposes or other have this problem? I was on lexapro for about three weeks, all it did was make me depressed and I myself actually lost weht. It doc said in a nutshell it all comes down to patient preference when it comes to SSRI's. Hi Anonymous I was on Lexapro several years ago and I gained weht also and it made more depressed. I didn't initially, but by 6 months after starting - I had gained 20 pounds. I usually found eating better than normal and increasing exercise would shift any extra weht - but this weht was stubborn and I was always a healthy eater and exerciser and never had weht issues before. Nearly everyone taking Paxil is at risk for weht gain. While not. I've been on Paxil for about 10 months – 10 mg a nht. I've gained 10 lbs.

Has anyone used Lexapro for anxiety and <em>gained</em> weht? -

Has anyone used Lexapro for anxiety and gained weht? - I’m 30 years old and have been dealing with social anxiety, worry, and fear and being so timid all my life. Once I fixed those habits, I was able to lose weht. Mostly because it took some time to get used to the medicine. Answers - Posted in lexapro, paxil, weht, obesity, anxiety. I was only on 10mg or my Hashimotots causing this excessive weht gain.

Can you take 60 mg <u>paxil</u>

Can you take 60 mg paxil For example, some doctors prescribe Paxil to treat chronic headaches, and people with diabetes may use the drug to help alleviate tingling in the hands and feet. Paxil cr 12.5 mg reviews Failure to do with weht gain/loss unless my LEVOTHYROXINE SODIUM is in Purley, and also in the UK LEVOTHYROXINE SODIUM is.

Can going from 20mg of <u>Paxil</u> to 10mg cause increased anxiety?

Can going from 20mg of Paxil to 10mg cause increased anxiety? I am prescribed to take lexapro but after reading MANY reviews I see that they all involve serious weht gain. You have to try SSRIs until you find which suits you best. In this case, however, 10 mg. is not a therapeutic dose and your. Weht gain on Paxil is generally the main complaint a few months on it.

How to lose weht from <u>paxil</u> Antidepressants discussions.

How to lose weht from paxil Antidepressants discussions. Additionally, doctors may prescribe Paxil off-label to treat conditions other than those for which it has been approved by the FDA. In fact, I have found paxil to make me gain weht, especially when I was getting. I am a personal trainer and I took 10mg of paxil for 8months.

<em>Paxil</em> cr 12 5 generic

Paxil cr 12 5 generic My doctor told me that Paxil is a unique formulation that offers proven medical benefits for people with depression. Does Paxil Cause Weht Gain Or Loss paxil cr cost paxil weht gain percentage paxil weht gain cause 5 mg paxil pregnancy para que sirve el paxil.

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